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Are you with Europcar Privilege Club?

Get more with SIXT’s Loyalty Programme!

Every time you rent with SIXT you can qualify for greater rewards with our loyalty card programme. Whether you have Europcar Privilege Club, Europcar Privilege Executive, Europcar Privilege Elite, or Europcar Privilege Elite VIP status, you can easily transfer to SIXT. Our SIXT Express, Gold, Platinum and Diamond levels offer perks like discounts on car rentals*, a free car category upgrades***, and a free additional driver**. The more you rent with SIXT, the more you’re rewarded! 

The Advantages of SIXT's Loyalty Programme

Discounted Rentals*

Get up to a 20% discount with our loyalty program. After just 3 rentals you qualify for our Gold card and up to 10% off, plus other perks!

Free Additional Driver**

Gold, Platinum and Diamond card holders can add a driver to their rental for free, making it easy to share driving duties.

Select your vehicle

See what vehicles are available in your selected category via the SIXT app 30 minutes before your reservation and choose what you’d like to drive.

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Exclusive counter and parking

Save time by being able to use the rental counter dedicated to our Platinum and Diamond-level customers. This perk is available after only 10 rentals!

Learn more about SIXT’s Status Match

SIXT makes it easy to match your loyalty card status earned with another car rental company to our rewards programme. Best of all, the process is free of charge. Simply register, enter your contact details, and provide proof of your loyalty card status with Europcar Privilege Club or another programme****. We will review your request and contact you via email within 2 weeks, and if your request is approved you will receive your SIXT loyalty card number. The process makes it easy to transfer from Europcar Privilege Club status to SIXT Gold, or Europcar Privilege Executive, Elite or Privilege Elite VIP to SIXT Platinum status.  

* On discountable rates for offline and private customers at the respective time of rental at the rental location at Sixt rent a car and Sixt rent a truck. Discount amount subject to local availability. May not be combined with special offers. Gold card holders get up to 10% off, Platinum card holders upt to 15% off, Diamond card holders up to 20% off.

** A free additional driver is only for US-residents and rentals within the contiguous U.S. Available for Platinum and Diamond card holders.

*** Platinum card upgrade is free, but subject to availability and not valid for long-term rentals, special cars (convertibles, coupes, luxury cars, SUVs) or trucks. The possibility of receiving an upgrade is only valid for up to 12 months from the issue date of the card. This advantage remains when you rent at least 10 times per 12 months with Sixt. Applies to residents of Belgium, Spain, France, UK, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the U.S. only. For residents of all other countries, 20 or more rentals apply.

Diamond card holders get a guaranteed free upgrade. Not valid for long-term rentals, special cars (Convertibles, Coupe, Luxury Cars, SUV) or trucks.

**** Here are some examples of the loyalty status match with SIXT. You can switch from Hertz Gold, Europcar Privilege Club, Avis Preferred, Enterprise Plus, and more to SIXT Gold. If you have Hertz Five Star & President, Europcar Privilege Executive, Europcar Privilege Elite, Europcar Privilege Elite VIP, Avis President's Club status or equivalent, you will invited you to join the SIXT Platinum tier.